Ruukki, a European manufacturer and supplier of steel, will showcase its Raex wear-resistant and Optim high-strength steels for construction and mining industry at the bC India 2013 in Mumbai.

“Ruukki provides special steel products and services to Indian and international customers operating in India. We have had our own office in Mumbai since 2012 and continue to work with our long-term partner Steelforce, which also stocks Ruukki’s special steels in India,” said Thomas Hörnfeldt, senior Vice president, Special Steels & International Sales.

By using Raex and Optim steels in the construction of tipper bodies, the company said, it is possible to create a steel tipper that weighs almost the same as aluminium – without compromising on the durability and performance. “With special steel products from Ruukki, vehicles can be built to provide a longer operating life with lower weight to allow reduced fuel consumption, higher payloads and reduced CO2 emissions,” the company said.



Raex steels prevent the wear and damage of structural parts and decrease repair costs for road building and mining machinery. The lifetime of bucket made of Raex steel can be about 2 or 3 times longer than that of structural steels. In application where higher payloads are required, the use of wear-resistant Raex and high-strength Optim steels can reduce steel thickness and thus tipper body weight by 20 per cent.

One of the products in the Raex wear-resistant steel family is Raex 400 Tube, which is designed for the cost-efficient transport of wet concrete and other semi-fluid liquids and abrasive materials. It can significantly improve the performance of pumping or dredging equipment and extend its service life beyond normal standards. Raex 400 Tube is simply the hardest cold-formed steel tube in the world. It can be produced to a wide dimensional range for pumping, dredging and mining applications.

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